John A. Becker, LMFT, CAAC
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Certified Advanced Addictions Counselor

Narrative Pre-Marital Counseling
This 12-week program will help couples bond through stories in order to foster inner life communication and a lifetime of love.

Marital Transition Counseling
Couples are guided through open communication to understand and appreciate their marriage in the context of life-cycle changes, and are led to reevaluate values, goals, and dreams.

Newly Married Empty Nesting
The New Extended Family Peer Parenting
Birth of First Child Grandparenting
Parenting Retirement
Step-Parenting Saying Goodbye

Marital Enrichment
Couples learn to restore emotional intimacy by exchanging the stories that brought them together and shaped their lives.

Marital Counseling
This program emphasizes Gottman's 7 principles on "Building a Sound Marital House" to help couples create a satisfying and nurturing relationship.

Family Counseling
Topics like divorce, addiction, family roles, conflict, finances, expectations, and operating a family business are explored as parents, children, grandparents, and extended family talk together.

Addiction and Trauma Counseling
A holistic approach involving support groups, therapy, and trauma recovery helps individuals restore relationships and overcome criticism, cruelty, and shame.